Design for durability

Regardless of the durability qualities of a material type, it is important for the designer to consider the level of maintenance, repair or replacement that may be required within the design life of the structure.

Designing durable timber structures includes an assessment of the building material properties and preservative treatments that may be applied to those materials. It also includes an assessment of potential service hazards that may impact on the timber building elements.

This design guide provides guidance on the durability of timber in a wide range of applications. Not every application is considered, as some are not appropriate for timber use.

This section contains the following resources:

  • #5 Timber service life design - design guide for durability
    Provides building and construction industry professionals confidence in determining the service life timber in a wide range of applications, from sole plates to suspension bridges.
  • Design Guide #13 Finishing Timber Externally
    This free design guide concentrates on the finishes used with timber when exposed externally in decks or as part of the building envelope, such as cladding or external joinery.
  • Design Guide #14 Timber in Internal Design
    The guide combines information about species, material capability and assembly with an interior design approach to colour, pattern and performance with the full range of wood products.

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