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Mass & Lightweight Timber Design Solutions for Commercial & Multi-Residential Construction

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While timber has always been the first choice for traditional home framing, it is now making a significant move into multi-storey residential construction and structural commercial applications.

A diversity of options now exist including: mass-timber products such as cross laminated timber (CLT) – as used in the new Docklands Library at the Dock; lightweight timber/plasterboard fire and sound rated systems for multi-residential buildings; and a range of prefabricated and panelised construction system options. All of these methods provide a wide range of ‘systems-based’ benefits including reduced time on site, construction efficiencies, easier handling, reduced OH&S issues and more cost effective construction; and also all the benefits of timber: beautiful, tactile, workable, lightweight and environmentally friendly

This free seminar explored how mass and lightweight timber systems can be used today for multi-residential, commercial and public building applications.

This seminar is designed for building and design professionals including architects, building designers, engineers, certifiers, developers, builders, regulators, educators and students.

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