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WoodSolutions Seminar: Design of Mid-rise Timber Apartment Buildings

December 2015, The Library at The Dock, Docklands, Victoria

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Multi-residential construction is today a major building form; in some states multi-res now outnumbers single dwelling starts. New timber construction systems provide highly cost-effective and efficient solutions for mid-rise apartments up to 8 or more storeys – Australand has publically stated that it was able to deliver its 5-storey timber ‘The Green’ project 25% more cost effectively than a traditional concrete solution.

Proposed changes to the 2016 NCC will also make design & construction even easier with new deemed-to-satisfy provisions for lightweight and mass timber construction for buildings up to an effective height of 25m.

This seminar specifically examined the design and development opportunities of mid-rise timber apartment buildings: what are the opportunities, what are the timber system options (lightweight, mass timber post & beams, mass panels, prefabricated solutions), what are the critical design and construction considerations (architectural and engineering), what are the key supply considerations and most importantly what are the comparative costs?

WoodSolutions has now produced a specific Design Guide on this topic Rethinking Apartment Building Construction – Consider Timber and this seminar will feature the key authors of this study – practising architects Studio 505), engineers (AECOM), cost assessors, prefabricators and builders - presented first hand their state-of-the-art understanding and experience on this important and timely topic.

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