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Major New Opportunities with Mid-rise Timber Buildings – Application, Specification, Products & Systems

From 1st of May, the new 2016 National Construction Code (NCC) allows the construction of mid-rise timber buildings up to 25m effective height (approx. 8 storeys), under the NCC Deemed to Satisfy (DTS) provisions for Class 2 (apartment), Class 3 (e.g. hotels) and Class 5 (office) buildings.

Recent projects by leading Australian developers and builders have proven in practice that these systems can provide more cost effective construction solutions than traditional alternative approaches.

This seminar focused on the new mid-rise timber building opportunity now at hand. 

Starting with a special and unique case study of the Canadian code change and the market development activities and success since; followed by a series of informative and specification based presentations from the key system supply chain members on their individual products and how they fit under both the new NCC DTS and Alternative Solution approaches.

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The presentations included:

Keynote Presentation:  Mid-rise Timber Construction in Canada - A Major Success Story
                                        Sukh Johal, Technical Manager Wood WORKS! Canada

System Component Snapshots: (20min overviews of system requirements)

NCC 2016 – an Overview of the Mid-rise Timber Requirements - Alastair Woodard, WoodSolutions

Timber Systems – Providing Cost Effective Structural Solutions - Rob Nestic, Timber Imagineering

Sprinkler Systems – the First Line of Defence                                  - Boris Iskra, FWPA

Fire Grade Plasterboard Wall and Ceiling Systems                         - Daniel Lim, USG Boral

Alternative Fire Grade Wall and Floor/Ceiling Systems –              - Robert Sebek, Promat

Non-Combustible Wall Insulation and Cavity Barriers                   - Joe Timi, CSR Bradford      

Intumescent Fire Protection: Barriers, Pillows & Pipe Stops        - Ryan Worthington, Tenmat

Non-Combustible Facade Systems                                                      - Timothy Elliot, James Hardie

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