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These Guides are based on the EXPAN system, which is the result of years of research and a unique collaboration between commercial and academic partners to create innovative structural timber solutions.

Combining all the strength and endurance of steel into the lightweight elegance and flexibility of timber, the EXPAN prefabricated construction system brings timber into the commercial and industrial design age.

EXPAN’s totally prefabricated technology cleverly embeds post-tensioned tendons into timber to lock the system together. The range includes revolutionary timber frame, wall and floor systems and quick-connect portal frames.

The Guide titles include:

30 Timber Concrete Composite Floors - expand your designs with worked examples of spans of up to 10m

31 Timber Cassette Floors - discover the advantages of long span timber floors for commercial applications

32 Long Span Roofs - LVL Portal Frames and Trusses - designs for three roof configurations with spans from 10m to 70m

33 Quick Connect Moment Connection - simplify the design specification and construction of portal frame structures

34 Timber Rivet Connection - designing efficient connection by decreasing the difference between the capacity of wood and rivets

35 Floor Diaphragms in Timber Buildings designing flexible and rigid diaphragms, including structural elements and connections

36 Engineered Woods and Fabrication Specification - summarises fabrication and installation specifications of LVL and glulam

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