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11 Dec 2019

New Design Guide: Mid-rise Timber Building Structural Engineering

Guest blog by: News Team

The new design guide has been written to  provide structural engineers with the information they require to confidently design a mid-rise timber building.

02 Dec 2019

Timber Framing - The Ultimate Renewable™

Guest blog by: News Team

They call timber the ultimate renewable framing material, but its environmental advantages are just the beginning of the story. Click through.... 

23 Oct 2019

2019 Australian Timber Design Awards

Guest blog by: News Team

The Seed House by fitzpatrick + partners headed an impressive list of winners at the 2019 awards

16 May 2019

The Ultimate Renewable™ launched to reposition forestry

Guest blog by: News Team

Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA), the industry body that resources WoodSolutions, is preparing to launch The Ultimate Renewable™, a new brand that offers a universal, positive communications message for the forest and wood products sector to promote.

06 May 2019

New report: Unintended consequences of mandatory height controls excludes timber

Guest blog by: News Team

A new report has found that mandatory height controls in the Victorian planning system have unintentionally penalised cost-effficient, environmentally friendly timber building systems, favouring the use of expensive, energy-intensive concrete and steel alternatives.

22 Mar 2019

12 reasons why more Australian home designers, builders and owners choose timber framing

Guest blog by: News Team

There are many advantages that choosing timber framing brings to a project, from a single home to mid-rise apartments - this article explores 12 and links to a page with more information.

22 Mar 2019

2019 changes to the National Construction Code (NCC)

Guest blog by: News Team

Changes to the 2019 National Construction Code Volume One (NCC) increase the range of buildings, up to an effective height of 25m, in which fire-protected timber construction systems can be used.

21 Mar 2019

Hello Wood Hungarian Summer Festival

Guest blog by: Alex Troup

15 Feb 2019

A Class Act. 2019 NCC Changes create more opportunities for wood

Guest blog by: News Team

Changes to the NCC make the benefits of building in wood more easily accessible for more building classes - including schools and aged care.

27 Jan 2019

DeHavilland Apartments - mid-rise timber challenges in WA

Guest blog by: News Team

We spoke to Stuart Hawley, a Perth builder/developer from Bluerock Projects, who is hoping to use his latest project as a demonstration to drive the uptake of timber mid-rise building systems

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