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10 Aug 2011

Architect uses wood to win flood-prone design competition

Guest blog by: News Team

Queensland architect, Dion Seminara, chose wood to design a flood friendly house.

30 Jun 2011

2012 UK Field Tour

Guest blog by: News & Events Team

Where do find your information and inspiration? If you’re like most of us, you’ll look at magazines, surf the web, maybe attend some award events, get involved in a professional association and some development groups – and then, of course, there’s travel – near the top of the list for many people.

06 Jun 2011

Planet Ark Environmental Edge TVC

Guest blog by: News & Events Team

Airing under the new Planet Ark Environmental Edge brand, a new television commercial highlights the fact that wood stores carbon and that this is an environmental positive.

30 May 2011

Dream big and innovate

Guest blog by: Michael Green

Sustainable architect, Michael Green demonstrates how you can use off-the-shelf timber products and standard connections to build taller and bigger buildings with wood. The key is to dream big and innovate.

23 May 2011

House the world and save the environment

Guest blog by: Michael Green, Principal

Sustainable architect Michael Green believes that architects have a fundamental obligation to tackle the big issues of climate change and world poverty. The only construction material that delivers a solution to these global challenges is affordable timber sourced from sustainably managed forests.

16 May 2011

Timber for fun, feel and financial rewards

Guest blog by: Michael Green

Environmentalist and architect Michael Green presents the broader motivations for using timber in construction: its natural qualities; its ease of construction; and its positive impact on the bottom line.

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