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04 Feb 2016

WoodSolutions sponsors Frame Australia 2016 - May 23

Guest blog by: News Team

Australia's only conference and exhibition dedicated to timber building design and construction, and the manufacture of prefabricated timber and engineered wood systems.
This year Frame will also be covering the timber-related changes to the National Construction Code.

30 Jan 2016

New code change exciting news for design and construction

Guest blog by: News Team

A two-year consultation and research process spearheaded by industry group Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA) will see the local industry join leading international markets in allowing timber construction in taller structures. Preliminary modelling indicates construction costs could be reduced by up to 15%, while new material options including engineered timbers create exciting opportunities for developers, architects, engineers and designers.

18 Dec 2015

Is there a global furniture craft crisis?

Guest blog by: Tony Neilson

The craft - or is it art? - of furniture making has been with us since someone discovered it was more comfortable to sit on sticks placed between two rocks than the bare rock itself. In this article Tony Neilson looks at creativity and the work of renowned US furniture maker John Kelly.

23 Nov 2015

CLT will be considered conventional in Australia by 2020

Guest blog by: News Team

WoodSolutions seminars feature leading Australian and international design, engineering and construction professionals. You can view presentations and videos on the WoodSolutions site.

17 Nov 2015

MBA 2015 WoodSolutions Young Builder of the Year Award

Guest blog by: News Team

WoodSolutions supports excellence and sustainable practice throughout Australia's design and construction sector. Professional organisations supported include the Master Builders, Housing Industry Association and other industry bodies.This year is the sixth year WoodSolutions has supported the Young Builder of the Year Award.

17 Nov 2015

21 Reasons Why Wood is Better: Prof. Alex de Rijke

Guest blog by: News Team

Professor Alex de Rijke visited Australia in November 2015 to present a series of seminars in conjunction with Planet Ark and WoodSolutions. Attended by leading design, engineering construction and property developers, the seminars provided an informative and inspiring look at the immediate and longer term future of wood and wood products.

06 Nov 2015

New Review: Timber in the City

Guest blog by: NewsTeam

WoodSolutions reviews are designed to give you an introduction to some of the latest publications - and selected classics - relating to the design and use of wood and wood products. If you've any suggestions for future topics, please contact us.

06 Nov 2015

China announces 'wood first' policy

Guest blog by: NewsTeam

Recently adopted by Australia's municipal associations, 'wood first' policies are those that actively encourage the use of wood, wherever practical, to replace more emissions intensive materials.

24 Oct 2015

WoodSolutions 2015 Euro Tour - Eight - Summary

Guest blog by: Sean O'Malley

WoodSolutions Tours are designed to inform and inspire design and construction professionals by providing unique insights into timber projects and the people behind them. Conducted in small groups, the Tours are also excellent professional education and networking opportunities.

23 Oct 2015

New Environmental Product Declarations: Particleboard and MDF

Guest blog by: News Team

An environmental product declaration (EPD) is a standardised and verified way of quantifying the environmental impacts of a product based on a consistent set of rules that have been developed through an extensive stakeholder consultation process.

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