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WoodSolutions Campus is a collaboration between Forest Wood Products Australia and the University of Tasmania’s Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood that aims to provide available-on-demand timber education and skills development opportunities to those who design and build with timber, study related courses or work in Australia’s timber and wood products supply chain.

While you are free to choose the courses you take, as a guide they have been grouped by relevance to occupational areas, as shown below.

Design & Construction Professionals

NCC Design of Mid-rise Timber Buildings - Overview

NCC Design of Mid-rise Timber Buildings - Specific Requirements

NCC Design of Mid-rise Timber Buildings - Fire, Sound and Non-Habitable Area Requirements

Timber Inspection

Timber Merchants & Supply Chain

Timber Inspection

Timber and Wood Products

Introduction to Building Regulations and Standards

Design for Bushfire

Design for Durability

Managing Timber’s Moisture Content

Timber and Wood Properties

Environmental Characteristics of Timber

Selecting Fit-for-purpose Timber for Applications

Timber Grades and Grading


Completing the learning resources in any WoodSolutions Campus topic and securing knowledge certificates can provide you with a pathway to further education and VET training.