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Do you have product comparisons (particularly env. impacts) between structural ply and Oriented Strand Board (OSB)?

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We have an Environmental Product Declaration for plywood which can be found on our website here: However, oriented strand board is not manufactured in Australia and we don't have comparable information. We can tell you that some OSB has been assessed under the Australian Responsible Wood Certification Scheme, details here: http://ttps:// If you need more detailed information perhaps Australian suppliers could obtain it from the European or North American producers.

Oriented Strand Board

I am restoring a 1922 double fronted cottage and I was hoping to use timbers to match the existing ones. I have read Crew & Mackenzie's (2008) paper; Development of Grading Rules for Re-Cycled Timber Used in Structural Applications funded by your organization, and the subsequent bulletin; Market Knowledge & Development Project Number: PN06.1039 JULY 2008 Interim Industry Standard Recycled Timber – Visually Stress Graded Recycled Timber for Structural Purposes. However I can find nothing since this publication. Has there been any further progress in this matter?

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The "interim" Industry Standard is still the definitive document with regard to visually stress grading recycled timber. Note that there are also span tables for recycled hardwood. They can be downloaded from our website here:

Recycled structural timber

Would the use of water or solvent based paints affect the recyclability of timber furniture/components at the end of life if they are unable to be reused? These are mainly hardwood frames and plywood shells.

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There are limitations on the recycling of painted timber. We understand it doesn't make any difference whether it is painted with water-based or solvent-based paint, but you should seek a more definitive answer from a major recycler such as Suez, more info here:

Recycling waste timber
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