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I would like to know if H2 timber can be used for the roof of a verandah that will be covered with colorbond, all fascias will be covered with a colorbond barge cover. The posts however will be H4 because close to ground - even though I'm using stirrups to have them separated from paving.

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H2 treatment protects timber against insect attack (termites and borers). It doesn't give the timber any protection against wood rot, but H2 treated timber is quite OK in protected situations where it won't get wet, such as in a verandah roof. However, if the Colorbond barge cover only covers the top edge of the fascias and leaves the rest exposed, the fascia timber will need to be a naturally durable species, or pine with a higher level of preservative treatment - minimum H3. 

H2 treatment

I have recently constructed a speargun out of teak and was looking for some expert advice on what finishes and product I should use.

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We don't promote any particular brands but suggest you investigate marine varnish products. Feast Watson have a finish described as Spar Marine Varnish, and you will find similar products on the net if you search with the words 'marine varnish' or 'boat varnish'. Make sure you apply a complete envelope treatment by sealing all surfaces, otherwise water will penetrate under the varnish. If it's not practical to provide a complete seal, an oil coating is an alternative since oil won't trap moisture. However, an oil coating will need more frequent maintenance.

Marine finish

Blackbutt Railing, in chilly Canberra. We have a long wide railing at the end of our external patio, 4500 x 240, a single piece of blackbutt timber. It is exposed to all weather, winter and summer, rain, hail, fog and sun, north facing. Before installing to replace a 40 year old piece of timber, painted mission brown, I sanded the blackbutt several times, then applied numerous coats of "Weathershield" Premium Timber Oil. This oil does not seem to penetrate the wood as well as I hoped. I prefer not to use an external varnish and I hope you can recommend a suitable penetrating oil. I am happy to lightly sand and re-treat when necessary. I am a retired public servant and have traveled and worked widely overseas (and live with a Swede where they build houses properly). I am interested in wood products and have read widely of CLT and LVL in Renew/ Sanctuary and online publications (I worked two years in Tumut with the then NSW Forestry Commission, mostly counting trees and sending invoices from the office.) My uncle, sadly deceased, was a forester in Blackheath, Tumut, Urbenville and finally DF in Murwillumbah. I thank you for your patience in reading a little of my life (much omitted).

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Sounds as if your handrail has a fairly severe exposure. Unfortunately oil finishes won't penetrate deeply into blackbutt because of its density. You could try other kinds of oil, for example decking oil, to see whether they last any longer. Otherwise you might have to accept fairly frequent maintenance coats. At least recoating is easy without the need to strip back to bare wood.

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