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Upon entering Suttons UGG store, you are greeted with a range of neutral toned, natural materials that form a backdrop for a range of fashion and snow boots.

Inspiration stems from the footprint of the boots on display. The organic nature of the curve and custom furniture in the store references the need to pay special attention to this part of your body.

Suttons UGG products contain a range of natural materials, including sheepskin and leather, which are predominantly supplied from Australia. The shoes sold in Suttons UGG stores are also predominantly Australian made; therefore, using Australian Certified Timber was crucial to honouring the brand. It was necessary to select materials that are fitting with the brand, creating a holistic design. Timber veneers used become particularly important due to the integration they have with the shoes on display. The soft and darker tones of the timber veneers become a backdrop to the contrasting colours and textures of the shoes. This in turn allows the timber to become an integral part of the display, creating an all- encompassing installation that aims to make a statement.

Architect/Designer: Rptecture Architects

Engineer: Thomas Structural & Civil Engineering

Builder: Crown Shoplifters / Alison Leung

Timber veneers, in a range of soft and darker tones, are used to clad the curved wall feature to the left hand side of the interior. They are also used on the custom made, footprint like seating in the centre of the store. The veneers on the curved wall are projected out in 10–12mm increments, creating a soft movement of the curve, both horizontally and vertically. The timber veneers form a backdrop to the shoes on display. Track lighting is used so that the shoes on display cast shadows onto the different areas of the gradient.

Veneers allow for the curve to showcase the natural grain and texture of the timber, whilst maintaining the organic form of the curve. A wide range of colours were available. Therefore, the creation of the gradient was much easier. The gradient softens the movement between floor and ceiling, creating a space that is airy and light. Natural grains and texture of the timber veneers form a backdrop for the shoes on display. Custom furniture is installed between the curve and a stone wall. These footprint-like seating tables take a similar profile to the curve, only softer. The veneers clad the seating tables and therefore, interact with the human body.

A curved wall shoe display provides Suttons UGG with the backdrop to the entire retail space. The soft gradient of the timber veneers follows the precise profile of the curve itself, with integrated slots for small foot-print like plates to showcase the shoes themselves. The design language of the timber veneers flows onto the furniture within the store, in particular, the seating elements throughout the interior. Natural grains and texture of the gradient soften the movement between the floor and ceiling, forming a space that is light and airy.

The neutral and natural palette of the curved shoe display, along with the opposite stone wall and the combination of the timber flooring and custom furniture provides the stage in which the footwear is displayed. This strategic staging is achieved through the use of natural materials, providing a platform for the footwear to be successfully showcased.

Curved timber veneers and their natural grain essentially become the design language of the store. This language is poured onto the seating elements themselves, whereby the human body is able to interact with the warm timbers. Trying on the boots and footwear becomes a combination of warmth between the timber flooring, veneers and the footwear itself.

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