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In response to Agile Working trends, three types of tables were made for the collection - Talki being the interactive table for conversation, Walki facilitates stand up working and Wheeli on castors allows for mobility. Varying timber leg heights making the configurations possible. Timber dominates Talki’s ensemble with the option of Tasmanian Oak, American Oak or American Ash legs, coupled with a matching certified timber top.

The core of Talki’s development was the merger of creative and engineering design principles. The convergence of these ideas was realised in Talki’s simple oval legs which belie the craftsmanship behind the hand-sculpted timber. The silhouette of the Talki changes at every angle, revealing more of the intricate yet simple solutions devised by Lux Studio whose mantra is based around Occam’s razor where “simpler design is preferred.”

Certified timber is not just essential to the project but overall design and company goals as an ISO 14001 company using zero to low impact materials in all products. The use of Australian certified timber complemented many other of Talki’s sustainable design features such as easy to build and modify on-site, re-use of parts, efficient use of shipping space and low impact non-timber materials.

Designer: Lux Studio by Luxmy Furniture

The Talki table uses timber in its leg and top, held together by a metal frame. The primary functional and design feature of Talki lies in its oval legs. Its silhouette changes at every angle, revealing more of the intricate yet simple solutions based on “simpler design is preferred.” Combined with a rotational metal knuckle, the table can take on various shapes and sizes never thought possible without sacrificing function, and can be modified easily. Timber allowed Lux Studio to easily modify and prototype the table during the R&D process and maintain the same standards during large scale manufacturing. This was all completed within an ISO 14001 environment with little impact in carbon footprint, wastage and transportation impact while having direct oversight of quality. Talki can be easily disassembled and all parts reused for different configurations of the same product or recycled. Environmental care is taken in all parts of Talki with all parts being recyclable and/or reusable such as the PEFC/FSC certified timber, low-VOC finish and metal hardware. Timber combined with low-VOC finishes greatly improve the quality of indoor air, allows for greater recycling, and reuse with easy modifications.

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