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Held on February 27th at Holmesglen TAFE, Chadstone, the site of the WoodSolutions Mid-rise demonstration model,  this seminar focussed on principles of best practice Mid-rise Timber Construction to maximise productivity.

The panel of presenters dicsussed:

  • Best Practice Timber Construction for mass, lightweight and post & beam systems, including risk and value management approaches, reducing the critical path and techniques and considerations to maximize productivity and efficiencies during assembly and construction.

  • Case Studies, of a range of premier Australian projects including the recently completed Monash University Student Accommodation and the exciting new vertical extension at Melbourne Central.

The event began with an educational walkthrough, provided by the WoodSolutions Team, of the WoodSolutions Mid-rise Building Demonstration Model where timber products, systems and details are on show.

Seminar Welcome & Introduction – Alastair Woodard, WoodSolutions

In this presenation Alastair shows the mid-rise model and its features, introduces the WoodSolutions mid-rise team and some new imber construction-relevant courses that are offered by Box Hill TAFE.

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Mid-rise Timber Construction Overview – Dr Paolo Lavisci, WoodSolutions

Paolo explains where the mid-rise timber construction market is currently, the exciting changes to the 2019 NCC and the new WoodSolutions design resources.

Enabling Productivity with Timber Construction – Dr Paul Kremer, A/Prof Deakin University

Paul discusses the best practice approaches to maximize productivity, including ECI and ESI processes, optimal panel sizing for manufacture and construction and tips for reducing the critical path.

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Delivering a Successful Mass Timber Project: What you Need to Know – Tyson Infanti, XLam

Tyson covers the key considerations for delivering successful projects with mass panel and glulam products and what the important considerations are to deliver the job correctly and on time.

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Lightweight Construction: Where Does it Fit and Key Points for Success – Jim McAdam, Timbertruss

Jim presented a range of projects and discussed where lightweight timber construction fits into the mid-rise picture and some of the key prefabrication and onsite considerations for a successful timber project.

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CLT Case Study – Monash University Student Accommodation – Ryan Spittel, Monash University

Ryan discusses the recently constructed CLT Monash Student Accommodation project, including the design development and the most important assembly and construction learnings.

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Costing for Timber Buildings - Laurence Ritchie, WoodSolutions

Laurence discussed how to optimise for the most cost-efficient timber project, including approaches to optimising designs, value management processes and risks.

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Post & Beam Case Study – Melbourne Central Extension – Lachlan Cameron, GPT

Lachlan gave an excellent overview of a new lightweight 3 storey office building extension over Melbourne Central which was currently in the design phase.

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