Timber Arch and Dome Buildings - Sérgio Lucas, Häring AG

25 Feb 2021

A timber dome is one of the simplest forms of structure, with a unique spherical or partially-spherical shape. The frame of the structure consists of unequal and straight structural members that form stable triangular elements in order to provide resistance to gravitational, wind and seismic loads. The dome has the capacity to achieve large spans without any form of internal posts, load-bearing walls or deep beams. As a structural material which has excellent strength and stiffness properties, timber is particularly suitable for large-span dome structures. This webinar discusses the elements that make up a cost-effective timber dome. The presentation includes both traditional and innovative structural shapes which can be used for large buildings with timber as a main load-bearing material.

The presenter is Sérgio Lucas, Head of Engineering & International Sales at Häring AG. Häring AG is a specialises in planning and producing timber supporting structures for both conventional carpentry and complex timber engineering, in Switzerland and Asia. Supporting Sérgio in the panel session is Robert Mansell from XLAM Solutions.


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