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New mid-rise advisory service offers FREE professional advice on any aspect of mid-rise timber buildings

Building design and construction professionals and property developers in Melbourne and Brisbane now have easier access to the benefits of timber framing and massive timber building systems in mid-rise residential projects, through the new WoodSolutions Technical Field Force pilot program.

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Following the recent changes to the National Construction Code, that make it easier to use lightweight and massive timber building systems in mid-rise construction, a pilot advisory program comprising a team of design, engineering, construction and property specialists has been launched by WoodSolutions in Melbourne, complemented by a smaller-scale activity in Brisbane.

With extensive experience in property development, construction, timber engineering and architecture, the WoodSolutions team of Program Development Managers are ideally placed to liaise with development, design and construction professionals, providing generic information and advice on making the most of the cost, time, environmental and other advantages of timber building systems.

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Read on to meet the team....

Gerard Neylan

Lead Program Development Manager
Mid-rise Construction


With more than 35 years’ experience in Melbourne in construction, planning and architecture, Gerry is well known in the Victorian design, construction and property markets.

A qualified town planner, his roles have included identifying new business opportunities, developing and maintaining client relationships, advice and consultation, and coordinating the planning, funding and delivery of many major building and infrastructure projects in both the private and public sectors.

Experience in managing and directing highly regarded architectural firms, senior roles in advisory and management companies, supported by business development roles for national construction companies, enables Gerry to bring a wealth of practical knowledge to every project.

As a member of the WoodSolutions team, Gerry says he is looking forward to “the opportunity to engage with the marketplace on issues such as social responsibility and sustainability and constructing new projects more economically, quickly, quietly and safely.”

You can contact Gerry at Gerard.Neylan@woodsolutions.com.au


Paolo Lavisci

Program Development Manager
Mid-rise Construction


Paolo’s extensive experience in developing and using wood and wood products encompasses advisory and hands-on roles in the design and construction of timber structures, project management, research and product development, teaching and training.

With a Forestry degree in Florence (Italy) and a PhD in Industrial Technologies, Wood at ENSTIB/Université de Nancy (France), Paolo worked in the industry for 7 years before starting an independent timber consulting and design practice. Among the many projects with which he has been involved are the design and specification of multi-storey timber buildings (5, 7, 9 and 12 storeys), developing new models for prefabricated homes and transportable units and the design for cross laminated timber (CLT) manufacturing plants. He also authored a widely-used book on engineering timber structures and funded the development of specific engineering software.

As part of the WoodSolutions team, Paolo sees his biggest challenge to be “changing some mindsets in the mid-rise construction market and helping those with a little pioneering spirit to take advantage of the demonstrated efficiencies and cost savings that timber can provide.”

You can contact Paolo at Paolo.Lavisci@woodsolutions.com.au



Laurence Ritchie

Cost and Program Estimator
Mid-rise Construction


With a Master’s degree in Construction Management (Cost Management major), experience in tier 1 construction, and over a decade working in the property sector, Laurence brings further inter-disciplinary knowledge to the Mid-rise Advisory Program team. Drawing on this wholistic understanding Laurence engages in project evaluation and design optimisation services, ultimately requiring the estimation of construction programs and costs. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovation in construction, Laurence sees opportunity for timber systems to change the way we build for the better.  

A member of the Mid-rise Advisory Team since 2017, Laurence has developed an in depth understanding of the possibilities and strengths of timber in construction. He is excited to be involved in the exponential growth of Australian timber construction, and is enthusiastic to support project team in their realisation of their next timber building.

You can contact Laurence at Laurence.Ritchie@woodsolutions.com.au



Adam Jones

Engineering Advisor
Mid-rise Construction


Adam completed his civil engineering degree with honours at Monash University in 2015 and started his career at WSP Global, then joined 
TPC Solutions specialising in Engineered Wood building design and assisting the implementation of the TimberTech structural engineering software.

Named the GBCA Future Green Leader of the Year for 2019, Adam is very passionate about the structural engineers’ role to play in reducing embodied energy emissions of buildings. He has pursued this passion with an entrepreneurial spirit, creating the podcasts Future of Structures, Timber Talks and the online course Smart Embodied Energy Solutions. He was previously the lead researcher for the ‘Rethinking Cement’ report with Beyond Zero Emissions. 

Within the WoodSolutions team, Adam is looking forward to every opportunity of getting efficient designs to demonstrate the benefits of specifying timber building systems in mid-rise development projects.

You can contact Adam at Jones@woodsolutions.com.au 


Dean Ashton

Program Development Manager
Mid-rise Construction


Dean has over 30 year’s experience in the timber industry.  He completed his Civil Engineering degree at Queensland Institute of Technology in 1986 before joining Gang-Nail (MiTek) in the prefabricated timber truss and frame industry.  During that time he gained experience in timber engineering design, manufacture and installation of trusses and frames, software support, as well as training and development.  More recently he spent 2 years with Simpson Strong-Tie providing technical support for timber connectors and fasteners, as well as assisting with new product implementation into the Australian market.  He has also been a member of the technical committee for AEFAC (Australian Engineered Fastener and Anchor Council) as well as the Victorian Structural Branch for Engineers Australia.  As a member of the WoodSolutions team, Dean is looking forward to developing lightweight timber framing opportunities to compliment massive timber to provide optimised timber solutions for mid-rise structures.

You can contact Dean at dean.ashton@woodsolutions.com.au 

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