Fairway to Heaven

This two story residence is set on a coastal golf course estate in Barwon Heads. The clients were a family of five, including one avid golfer. The choice to feature concrete so prominently stems from the family's work in the concrete industry; the clients wanted to use as much of this natural material as possible. 

From the outside, the building looks very simplistic, but is actually very intricate in the detail – the craftsmanship of the builder was key. Natural materials like recycled Australian hardwoods helped hero and accentuate the concrete's natural beauty. A concrete 'spine' from front to back offers glimpses of the courtyard and a line of sight to the golf course. The over sized garage provides side access for the family's golf cart.

The key products include double black concrete floor and wall; recycled blackbutt from Timber Zoo; and recycled spotted gum for the custom made timber trusses. These custom made timber trusses were made on site by carpenters using traditional methods and lifted into position by a crane. 

Passive solar design was a considered choice, including the decision to maximise the orientation and ventilation of the sea breeze. Additionally, the blade wall was positioned on the west side of the building to protect from the prevailing weather systems.

Working with concrete was a design challenge. There was a level of experimentation with black concrete/different mixes and various finishes. Concrete can be a fickle material and you can never fully control the final product. Finding a good builder that was happy to experiment with the concrete was a key solution to the design brief.

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