Raw, Recycled and Cost Effective

1+2 Architecture were commissioned to convert a disused shopfront and warehouse into the new head office for Stornoway, a Tasmanian company that design, build and maintain civil infrastructure. The outcome is a contemporary interior environment that positively impacts the working life and well-being of employees and promotes workplace integration, communication and innovation. A diverse palette of basic, raw, recycled and cost effective materials has been selected and assembled to exude warmth and comfort, while maintaining the required level of formality. Most evident is the use of C-D grade plywood fo walls and perforated ceilings and the repurposing of flooring timbers salvaged from within the existing buildings as a glazing partitioning and screening system. New glazed composite timber facades flood the interior with daylight and natural ventilation, ultimately creating a highly cost effective, sustainable building, enriched by the benefits of innovative and thoughtful timber construction.


The use of timber was central to the delivery of an innovative and sustainable approach. A primary decision was to recycle the pre-existing building. Timber framing sourced from the demolition of mezzanine floors within the building were repurposed to form a bespoke partitioning system. Low grade plywood was perforated and used for acoustic ceiling linings. This, combined with acoustic recycled PET and plywood wall panelling has contributed to a quiet and calm work environment flooded with natural light enhanced by the warmth of timber. Tasmanian eucalypt hardwood has been used for the new external glass façade. These intricate structures are built in composite with a Capral glazing suite. The timbers have been left rough sawn on their long faces and dressed on their internal short faces providing textural variation and refinement at small scale.

Internal Panelling: low grade plywood; recycled timber framing

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