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WoodSolutions Reviews are considered introductions to sources of inspiration and information about designing and building with wood and wood products.
Our idea is that the scope and depth of reviews on these pages will increase over time – and with your assistance.
If you’ve a new, or even old favourite, book, website, app, piece of software of even an exhibition or event that you think would be of interest to our readers, please CONTACT US about submitting a review.

A look into bold new ideas in housing size, Nanohouse challenge traditional notions with ingenuity and innovation.

C3 is a Korean architectural magazine that examines thematically linked buildings.

'Detail in Contemporary Timber Architecture' looks at both the aesthetic and the technical sides of modern design.

An expert analysis of the modern timber architectural industry, 'Emergent Timber Technologies' is a technical and fascinating exploration of possibilities.

'Forty-Six Square Metres of Land Doesn't Normally Become a House' examines the increasing need for intelligent design in cramped urban locations.

'Furnitecture' explores the intersections between architecture and furniture where spaces recreate themselves.

'FutureWood' examines a number of innovative timber materials and design tools that make timber an incredibly flexible construction material.

'GA Houses' is a Japanese magazine that focuses on current building and design projects and the architects who are involved with them.

'Green, Hidden and Above: The most exceptional treehouses' by Sibylle Kramer takes the living experience into a new dimension.

A book that examines the variety of design in Japan today.

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