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WoodSolutions Reviews are considered introductions to sources of inspiration and information about designing and building with wood and wood products.
Our idea is that the scope and depth of reviews on these pages will increase over time – and with your assistance.
If you’ve a new, or even old favourite, book, website, app, piece of software of even an exhibition or event that you think would be of interest to our readers, please CONTACT US about submitting a review.

'Life Spaces' is a book that reveals the vast depth of talent in interior design throughout Australia.

This issue of Japan Architect features multiple case studies that highlight sustainability and innovation in wood construction.

'New Suburban' by Stuart Harrison examines how the design of contemporary suburban houses is informed by the changing face of suburbia in Australia and New Zealand.

'New Wood Architecture in Scandinavia' examines timber usage in those northern countries, as well as the way it has been used throughout their lengthy history.

"Reciprocal Frame Architecture" by Olga Popovic Larsen provides an excellent explanation of a lesser-known architectural feature.

'Rock the Shack' examines the opportunities that different natural environments offer to cabins, retreats and refuges.

'Scandinavian Modern Houses 4' examines some superb examples of domestic design and construction located in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.

'Small Houses' shows that despite tiny sites and restrictive building codes elegant design is still achievable.

'Solid Wood' is an essential look into the future of structural architecture and engineering.

Superhouse by Karen McCartney gives an insightful view into the design of the world’s most stunning houses, as well as the architects who built them.

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