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WoodSolutions Reviews are considered introductions to sources of inspiration and information about designing and building with wood and wood products.
Our idea is that the scope and depth of reviews on these pages will increase over time – and with your assistance.
If you’ve a new, or even old favourite, book, website, app, piece of software of even an exhibition or event that you think would be of interest to our readers, please CONTACT US about submitting a review.

Superhouse by Karen McCartney gives an insightful view into the design of the world’s most stunning houses, as well as the architects who built them.

Superlight examines architecture that pushes the boundaries of what we believe our future houses will be.

'Swedish Architecture in wood' documents the finest entrants into the 2004 Swedish Timber Prize.

'The Forever House' is a journey through four of the most formative decades in Australia's architectural history.

'The New Wood Architecture' examines the contemporary design practices of timber architecture from 1998 from many countries around the world.

An involving piece examining renovations of a popular form of inner-city Australian architecture - well worth the read.

An in-depth look into the histories and traditions of the timber building industry of Britain.

'Timber in the City' is a fascinating exploration of how mass timber can reinvent and revitalise communities and cities.

'Touch Wood' from Braun Publishing look at the tactile possibilities of timber as a building material.

'Wood and Wood Joints' by Klaus Zwerger is a comprehensive and captivating read about the history of wood joinery in Europe, Japan and China.

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