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Innovation in the external use of timber

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The use of timber externally continues to grow in popularity and for good reason – it is aesthetically pleasing, a natural insulator, lightweight, has low embodied energy, excellent environmental credentials and if specified correctly, provides a durable and beautiful long lasting design solution.

With the continuing advances in engineering process technologies and design more and more wood options are becoming available for external application. Some amazing new wood production and treatment initiatives have been developed and are gaining popularity with designers around the world around; including radial sawn products, new heat and chemical.



Wood durability design & preservation

Alastair Woodard, WoodSolutions

External timber finishes & coatings – why you need to get this right

Amanda Chalmers, Cabot’s Premium Woodcare

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Bruce Bell, Laminated Timber Supplies

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Chris McEvoy, Radial Timbers

Design trends and innovation in external timber products

Gary Frencham, Frencham Cypress

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