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Question: I am looking for a new timber supplier in Queensland. Looking for softer hardwood, e.g. Mountain Ash. Must be KD hardwood, dressed for furniture frame making, standard to select. Some small knots now and then ok but cleaner is always better.

Answer: We do not have sufficient local knowledge to direct you to a supplier of specific types of timber. However, you could contact Timber Queensland and see whether they can point you in the right direction. Their phone number is (07) 3254 1989.


Question: One of my clients in China wants to import a large amount of softwood (such as pulplog or wood chips for making paper and paper boxes). Where can I find the supplier? And are there any special requirements for exporting the wood from Australia to China??

Answer: Regarding export, it is primarily the requirements of the receiving country (in this case China) that you need to comply with, so we suggest you contact the authorities there.


Question: Where can I purchase waney edge timber. If I cannot purchase it in Australia, is there any mill that could manufacture it for me?

Answer: Waney edge timber is produced by Radial Timber Sales in Victoria and marketed as "Natural Edge" timber. You can visit their website at www.radialtimbers.com.au.


Question: New, very large solar PV farm in Spain is using wood mounting frames, not steel or aluminium, to mount the glass photovoltaic panels. Can you put me touch with local wood designers/fabricators for a 60 panel 10kW solar farm for Moama district NSW?

Answer: Good to see wood recognised as a more environmentally friendly product than steel or aluminium. We don't have details of fabricators in the Moama district, but suggest you talk it over with a truss and frame plant. Alternatively, a joinery works in your area should be able to help. We are not familiar with the weight of photovoltaic panels but if they will impose a significant load on the mounting frames it might be necessary to have the frames designed by a consulting engineer. It will also be necessary to choose naturally durable or preservative treated timber since the frames will be exposed to the weather.


Question: 1. I am planning to import approx 10 tonne of Burmese teak into Australia.2. Please advise as to the fumigation and customs requirements.3. The teak flitches are approx upwards 5" x 7" x 8'and of high grade - rough sawn - no bark.4. Are there any restrictions?

Answer: We suggest you contact the Department of Argriculture and Water Resources for detailed advice on this subject. You can phone their freecall number 1800 900 090, or submit and inquiry here.

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