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BDAV Masterclasses

These presentations were part of the BDAV WoodSolutions Masterclass series. The Inspirational Projects presentation is not available.

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Masterclass One

Wood as a Resource
Covers the different schemes that ensure wood is derived from an appropriate source and where our wood comes from. The key forest management certification schemes and the associated chain-of-custody, are explained. The sources of  wood and wood products is discussed as is how to reduce the risk of specifying wood products that may be from illegally logged sources.

Wood and Sustainable Building

How wood construction can contribute to a sustainable building. Using scientifically based life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology, this session demonstrates why wood products are better for the environment than other materials in terms of indicators such as global warming potential and resource depletion. LCA is becoming the world standard for evaluating the sustainability of materials and assemblies and improving environmentally based decision-making.

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1_BDAV_WS_ Mclass_Introduction


Masterclass Two
Wood Basics: Terminology, Properties & Specification
An overview of wood terminology, applications of wood materials, production of wood, characteristics of wood and relationship with properties, grading, durability, specification and handling as well as an overview of manufactured wood products such as cross laminated timber (CLT) and laminated veneer lumber (LVL)
Wood Finishes and Coatings
Guidance on coatings used for interior and exterior wood surfaces to enhance appearance and/or the natural durability. Selecting the appropriate coating product to maintain visual appeal and ongoing performance of the wood.

It is important to know about the wood being coated and how to reference manufacturers' product literature for specific recommendations.

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Masterclass Three

Design for Durability
This presentations, which includes termite management techniques, will help improve the specification and design performance of wood in construction.
Structural engineering criteria, years of experience and field trials and predictive modelling are used to provide guidance on methods to increase the service life of woods used in Australia.
Inspirational Projects
Be inspired by international and local projects including Australian Timber Design Award winners. See residential, commercial and institutional projects featuring indoor applications, such as kitchens and bathrooms, bedrooms ceilings and wall linings, flooring and stairs, plus external applications, including decking, cladding, landscaping and privacy screens.

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Masterclass Four
Fire Safety and Performance of Wood in Multi-Residential and Commercial Buildings
This presentation demonstrates how the fire performance requirements in the Building Code of Australia (BCA) for Class 1a, Class 2, 3 & 9c as well as Class 5,6 9a & 9b buildings can be met. In this context, the presentation provides verified construction details that utilise the BCA's deemed-to-satisfy provisions.
Using Wood in Bushfire Prone Areas
Covers how and which wood products can be used in the different bushfire prone areas hazard levels and building applications. The presentation brings together the requirements of the Australian Standard AS3959 and NSW RFS Planning for Bushfire Protection requirements.

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7_BDAV_WS_Mclass_Fire Safety_Performance


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