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Timber Cladding and Linings Seminar Presentations

The use of timber external claddings and internal linings continues to grow in popularity and for good reason – timber is aesthetically pleasing, a natural insulator, lightweight, has low embodied energy, excellent environmental credentials and if specified correctly, provides a durable and beautiful long lasting design solution.

Whether it's in the residential sector, multi-residential apartments, commercial offices or public buildings such as schools or medical centres, timber claddings and linings can provide elegant and functional solutions. The key however is proper design & specification - knowing what are the most appropriate products, where they can be used under current 2016 NCC regulations, and how to ensure compliance and fitness-for-purpose particularly for issues such as fire, durability and long term performance.

The presentations on this page were delivered at a free seminar at which international and local industry experts presented on the range of existing and new innovative wood products available for residential and commercial applications, how to design timber facades and cladding to meet current compliance requirements, the new innovations in thermally & chemically modifying and preservative treating of wood, and how to best finish and protect wood products to ensure the performance required.

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The presentations are:

1 - Introduction - Alastair Woodard

2 - 2016 Regulatory & Design Considerations for External Claddings & Internal Linings

The 2016 National Construction Code (NCC) has a number of fire provisions in relation to the use of timber both internally and externally. Boris Iskra, FWPA National Standards Manager  examined these requirements with regard to the use of timber linings and flooring coverings in non-domestic buildings, external timber façades from a fire and durability perspective, as well as current requirements for building in bushfire-prone areas.

3 - The Latest in Timber Cladding and Lining Product Solutions & Specification

Correct product specification is paramount. This may mean traditional naturally durable timbers, or today new innovative thermally or chemically modified products, where the wood’s chemical and physical properties have been permanently altered providing improved dimensional stability and decay resistance. Daniel Parkin of Britton Timbers discussed the range of products now available and the key considerations in terms of design, specification and installation.

4 - Fire & Timber Claddings: Designing Combustible Timber Facades

There are two pathways in meeting the NCC external façade requirements: using a “Deemed-to-Satisfy” (DTS) or a “Performance” solution. Dr Jonathan Barnett, Director of RED Fire Engineers, presented the current NCC requirements in relation to external claddings, what designers need to consider when specifying an external timber façade and describe how fire engineers can assist in undertaking and delivering a Performance Solution.

5 - Timber Preservation & External Treatments

How to adequately protect and preserve timber products is a fundamental design question for timber products used externally. Dr Ronald Clawson, the Global Technical Director of Kop-Coat, Inc., an international expert on this subject described the key design considerations for protection against external hazards and the best approaches and products for external applications, including new innovative products such as full penetration systems for hardwood products.

6 - Finishing of External Claddings and Internal Linings

Protecting and maintaining the look of timber is highly dependent on choosing and specifying the correct finishing approach. Justin Davoren from Intergrain and Cabot's Premium Woodcare Brands discussed the wide range of finishing options available today for external use (domestic and commercial) and also internally for high traffic/wear situations in flooring and lining applications in public buildings (such as schools and medical centres) and offices.

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