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This seminar will include a two-part presentation from timber engineer and director of TimberED Services, Dr Jon Shanks.

The first part of the presentation will explore the building design and procurement process through different building types in order to maximise opportunities for timber construction in Tasmania. The second part of the presentation will discuss how we can design to embrace prefabrication. There are exciting opportunities for timber construction across all building scales, as demonstrated by high-profile projects both in Australia and overseas. To capitalise on these opportunities, we need to understand how and when it’s appropriate to drive a timber solution and who is best-placed to do this. Developing the appropriate timber solution for a project requires a strategic decision around prefabrication opportunities early in the design process. Making the right choice about form and extent of prefabrication is critical.

Jon has worked in Australia and overseas on many cutting-edge engineering design and timber engineering research projects, and lectures in timber design at two universities. He is constantly tinkering with timber; building everything from a wooden bike to an off-grid timber house. He is passionate about assisting all parts of the building industry to embrace the opportunities that timber offers.

This seminar is a must for building and design professionals including engineers, architects, building designers, builders and educators.


Cost: Free for all design and building professionals

Time: 6PM – 8PM 

Date: Monday 23 September 2019

Location: IMAS, 20 Castray Esplanade, Battery Point, TAS 7004
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