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<p>Wood identification can be undertaken as required and a rapid turnaround time is provided - &nbsp;usually overnight for single specimens.&nbsp; A service fee is charged on a per specimen basis (no GST).&nbsp; The service fee for consignments of five or more specimens is negotiable.&nbsp;&nbsp; Individual lamina/veneers are considered separately as a specimen from laminated products and plywoods etc.</p><p>Wood for identification is preferred to be in reasonably good condition, from the outer heartwood where possible, free, as much as possible of decay and other forms of biological degrade.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>Previous history and information about the origin or source of milling, if known, is very useful.&nbsp;</p><p>__________</p><p>Species of tree-roots can also be identified from thicker tree-roots of no less than 15mm in diameter with an inclusion of a list of tree species in a ~15m radius provided by botanist/forester/arborist.</p>

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