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Central Europe is probably the leading location in the world for innovation of timber products, processes and applications – structural or not. In this video series, Professor of Timber Engineering, Christophe Sigrist provides an overview on recent developments in timber construction from small to large buildings, from simple to complex structures and highlight some interesting ideas regarding materials, processes, connections and assembly.

Christophe teaches at the Department of Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering (AHB) of the Berne University of Applied Sciences (AHB) where they focus on issues regarding timber in industry applications, research and education.

In this 9 part video series we see the presentations that Dr PhD Christophe Sigrist delivered at the WoodSolutions seminar, Innovations and Advances in European Timber Construction in October 2018.

Part 1: Christophe Sigrist - Introduction

 An overview of timber construction in Switzerland and the rest of Europe.

Part 2: Christophe Sigrist - Connections

Connections - options and explorations.

Part 3: Christophe Sigrist - Prefabrication in general

Cranes, trucks and viewing towers, the basics of pefabrication.

Part 4: Christophe Sigrist - Modular construction

Situations and solutions - modular construction.

Part 5: Christophe Sigrist - Volumetric Modules

Stacks of benefits - volumetric models.

Part 6: Christophe Sigrist - Small Buildings etc.

Some examples and inspiration.

Part 7: Christophe Sigrist - Multi-storey buildings

Aiming higher, talking taller timber buildings

Part 8: Christophe Sigrist - Complex timber structures

The complxity increases, robots at work.

Part 9: Christophe Sigrist - MSc & Case Study

Post-grad study opportunities and case studies.

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