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A series of short interviews with architects, archi : talks cover a wide range of topics, from design philosphies to client relationships.

archi : talk Peter Maddison

Peter Maddison, award-winning architect and host of Grand Designs Australia, discusses architecture, design and more in this interesting and informative video. 4 min.

archi : talk Dylan Brady

Dylan Brady, conductor at deciBel(Architecture))), formerly a founder of studio 505, discusses design, materials and the role of timber in his work.

archi : talk Hannah Tribe

Hannah founded TRIBE Studio in 2003 to create architecture of intelligence, empathy and energy. Since then, the studio has won more than thirty awards.  In this short video, Hannah discusses design, materials, sustainability and more.

archi : talk Billie Faircloth and Robert Morris-Nunn

A partner at Kieran Blake, in her professional and academic research, Billie Faircloth conspires to pursue an answer to the question, “Why do we build the way that we do?” 
In this video she discusses the role of materials with Adjunct Professor  Robert Morris-Nunn AM, one of Tasmania’s most adventurous and respected architects and partner at CircaMorrisNunn.

archi : talk Clare Design

Kerry and Lindsay Clare talk about the process of working together and the success of Clare Design.

archi : talk Alex DeRijke

Alex DeRijke of the UK's award-winning practice dRMM talks about the role of timber in their work

archi : talk Andrew Waugh

Waugh Thistleton Architects are one of the UK's most innovative designers of mass timber structures

archi : talk James Fitzpatrick

James Fitzpatrick, Fitzpatrick + Partners discusses wood and the goals of designing tall timber buildings

archi : talk Juliet Moore

Juliet Moore, Edwards Moore Architects discusses the challenges of running a small practice with big ideas

archi : talk Matt Day and Matt Elkan

Matt Day - Day Bukh Architects and and Matt Elkan - Matt Elkan Architecture talk about the creativity of architecture and principles of design

archi : talk Richard Middleton

Richard Middleton of Richard Middleton Architects talks about business and the RMIT student housing project

archi : talk Russell Acton

Russell Acton of Canada's Acton Ostry Architects talks about work and designing one of the world's tallest timber buildings

archi : talk Suzanna Waldron

Suzanna Waldron from Searle x Waldron Architecture discusses the role of smaller practices in public works and the value of competitions

archi : talk Til Sorensen

Architect Til Soresen discusses design, materials and the European approach to architectural training

design : talk Dean Picken

Dean Picken, Designers By Nature talks about the challenges of a country practice

design : talk James Treble

Interior designer and TV presenter James Treble discusses the role of materials in his work

design : talk Luke Middleton

Luke Middleton, EME Design talks about the complexities of sustainable design

eng : talk Nick Hewson

Structural engineer, Nick Hewson, then at Aecom, talks about the challenges of building with timber

design : talk Sven Maxa

Sven talks about design and sustainability and the role of wood

eng : talk Alex Edwards

Arup engineer Alex Edwards talks about the challenges of timber

design : talk Lindsay Douglas

Lindsay Douglas Dig Design talks about the business of architecture and interior design

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