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Efficient Residential Timber Design • Economical Specification of Engineered Wood Products • Designing Fire &/or Acoustic Rated Systems - Getting It Right • Inspirational Timber Appearance Fit-out Ideas and Approaches • Featuring: the 2013 Australian Timber Design Awards winners

This free seminar explored how timber may be used throughout residential timber buildings. The presentations from industry experts covered:

essential tips for efficient timber framing design solutions

where and how to specify engineered wood products economically

how to successfully utilise fire and acoustic rated systems in attached residential construction or bushfire areas

creative, innovative and visually stimulating ideas for integrating timber appearance products internally and externally.

The seminar was created for building and design professionals including architects, building designers, engineers, certifiers, builders, regulators, educators and students.


Introduction to the seminar 

Download presentation: 

Engineered Wood Products

Presented by George Dolezal

Fire and Acoustic Design

Designing Fire and Acoustic Rated Systems

Timber Appearance

Timber appearance fitout ideas and approaches by Alastair Woodard of WoodSolutions

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