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Mid-Rise Timber Construction: Lightweight and Massive Timber Solutions - Design & Specification Symposium

With the release of the 2016 National Construction Code, and its new Deemed-to-Satisfy provisions for Mid-rise Timber Buildings, a more economically and environmentally friendly alternative now exists for the construction of apartments, hotels and office type buildings up to around eight storeys (25m effective height).

This free WoodSolutions full-day symposium focussed on the detail for design and specification of these new timber construction systems to assist attendees in implementing them directly into their client-product offerings.

In the comprehensive program, leading industry timber and building professional experts presented the key design, supply and construction considerations, from project conception to construction, for delivering successful mid-rise timber buildings. They covered using the wide range of timber construction systems available, including: lightweight-timber framing, heavy timber post and beam, or massive timber such as LVL or cross laminated timber (CLT).

The full day seminar was held on Thursday 1st of December 2016 at RMIT University, Melbourn

NCC Changes for Mid Rise Timber Buildings

Alastair Woodard, WoodSolutions

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Rules of Thumb for Mid Rise Timber Construction

Presented by Duncan Bourke

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Acoustic Presentation

Presented by Joel Parry-Jones

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Detailing and Specification

Presented by Dr. David Bylund

Costs of Timber vs Conventional Concrete

Presented by Richard Smith

Lightweight Floor and Wall Design

Presented by Nick Cui

CLT Design Considerations

Presented by Nick Hewson of XLam

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Lateral Stability

Presented by Robert Nestic 

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Key Connection Design Considerations

Presented by Nathan Benbow

Structural Computer Design Approaches

Presented by Paolo Lavisci 

Supply Chain Availability

Presented by Timbertruss

Availability, Ordering and Supply of CLT

CLT Building Systems Supply Chain

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Hybrid Construction- The Green

Hybrid Construction- The Green

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Building Envelopes

Presented by Dirk Zimmerman of Zimmerman Studio

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