Structural Solutions for Timber - Adelaide August 2019

Australia is currently experiencing a resurgence in the use of timber as an engineered product, from residential housing through to mid-rise construction. As a result, our understanding of the structural design process is expanding, and engineers are increasingly interested in the new technologies that are available. In addition, we are also seeking re-assurance on industry best practice for engineered products with which we are familiar.

This WoodSolutions seminar focussed on key design considerations for structural engineer, architects, building designers and builders. It also introduced the new timber engineering preliminary design software, TimberTech.

Presentation 1: Seminar Welcome & Introduction – Barry Brunton, WoodSolutions

Barry introduces WoodSolutions, discusses the recent changes to the National Construction Code (NCC) that make wood more widely applicable and summarises the benefits of wood as a material.

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Design of Massive Timber Connections - Giovanni Scollo, Rothoblaas

Giovanni discusses the importance of appropriate connection design in ensuring that timber buildings act as they are designed, including major considerations with massive timber buildings in connecting diaphragms, shear walls and transfer structures.

Engineered Timber Products & Connections - Afzal Laphir, Meyer Timber

Afzal discussed a variety of timber products available in the Australian market, and how to make the design of engineered timber simpler, including beams and wall bracing. 

DFMA – Timber Engineering - Nick Hewson, Xlam

Nick talks about the role of DFMA in engineered timber structures, and give clues to designers that can provide efficient design for manufacture and assembly, leading to potential cost savings.

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Concept Design using TimberTech Software - Paolo Lavisci & Adam Jones, WoodSolutions

Paolo & Adam demonstrated the Australian version of the new TimberTech software, which has the capability to perform both analysis and design of lightweight and massive timber systems.  It can quickly define the structure, providing sizing of the walls and floors, design of connections, produce calculation reports and print a preliminary bill of quantities.

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Mass Engineered Timber – Where have we come from? Where are we now? What is next? - Stephen Dayus, Wesbeam

Stephen looks at mass timber projects both in Australia and internationally.  He examines what has happened, what is happening right now and where we are heading in the use of timber in mid-rise construction. 

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