Domestic Timber Portal Frames: George Dolezal

28 Jan 2021

The Thursday webinar discussing timber portal frames comprised two sections, domestic and corporate. In the interests of making it easier to find the appropriate topic, we have also published the webinar as two videos.

Timber portal frames have applications from small size structures to large span single-storey buildings. Often overlooked solution for low-rise buildings, timber portal fames offer many benefits, such as ease of installation, readily available materials and cost advantages. 

Presenter: George Dolezal - Principal Engineer at Meyer Timber

George has more than 22 years experience in structural timber design, commencing as a design engineer at Pryda, followed by Market Engineer at Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts and the last eight years at Meyer tImber. George has developed wood-based products for the Australian housing market, and more recently, domestic portal frame systems for housing.

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