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I am an estimator at a timber supply company and have been asked to allow material for the eaves to a house in a BAL 40 zone. I'm looking at the detail on page 27 of the 'Building with Timber in Bushfire-prone Areas' guide. Can you tell me if i can use metal fascia for the eaves? And can you also tell me why the BAL 40 eave diagram shows 4.5mm fibre cement eaves lining when in the 'requirements summary' it says a minimum of 6mm fibre cement is required for eaves lining?

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AS 3959:2018 simply says that in BAL-40 "Fascias and bargeboards shall conform with AS 1530.8.1". So the answer is that if a metal fascia has been tested to AS 1530.8.1, which specifies the test procedure for elements exposed to simulated bushfire attack, then it's OK. Regarding eaves lining, AS 3959 calls for 6mm fibre-cement sheet if used on its own (no plasterboard behind it). The system shown in our Guide is a tested system to AS 1530.8.2 where 4.5mm fibre-cement sheet was used to protect a 16mm layer of firegrade plasterboard. 

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