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I am replacing a rotten 6m cypress post that extends from ground level to a housed deck bearer at 2.7m, on to the verandah beam at approx 6m. Is it acceptable to use two shorter lengths of post material connected mid way at the deck bearer or must it be one continuous length of timber? thanks

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You will find some suggestions on the net at this website: One idea is to fit steel plates either side of the joint, but the thickness of steel, number and size of bolts, and strength of timber should really all be assessed by a consulting engineer, taking into account the load imposed on the post by your verandah roof and deck.


In pole frame construction what are the equivalent sizes of bearers used as pairs (with the poles between them) to replace single bearers on one side of the poles only?

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AS 1684 allows single bearer sizes quoted in the span tables to be achieved by using double bearers of the same total thickness, either side of the supporting stump or pole, ie. if 75mm hardwood bearers are called for, 2/38mm sections can be used as long as they are fitted with blocking at intervals along the span as per Table 4.1. If using pine sizes the tables may call for 2/140x45 (for example) and similarly they can be installed either side of the supporting pole with the required blocking.

Double bearers

In regards to BCA 2019 Spec C1.10 do GLT beams achieve a Group Number when used as floor/ceiling linings?

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All timbers tested so far have achieved Group 3 rating. Depending on the type of timber your GLT beams are made from, it's likely to be included in our Regulatory Information Report RIR 45980.10, available for download here: The report covers timber of 9mm thickness or greater.

Group number
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