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What are the fire ratings are for OSB SIPS, in use for residential housing?

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Wood Solutions hasn't commissioned fire tests on SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) based on OSB. However, the SIPS website advises that they meet Group 3 requirements and are rated to FRL's of 60/60/60 and 90/90/90. You will find more information on the SIPS Industries website here: https://www.sipsindustries.com.au/faqs.


I'm looking for laminated or solid about 150 sq column section that meets the bush fire code. I.E. ADD > 750 kg/cum with a fire rated glue line.
I cannot use unseasoned as the shrinkage is likely to be a problem. The client wants to match the adjacent construction, which is reused bridge timbers with mud brick infill.

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No problem using laminated timber in a bushfire area. Australian Standard 3959:2018 states "Bushfire-resisting timber is timber that is in solid, laminated or reconstituted form...." (Appendix F). As stated on our website, glulam can be regarded as solid timber from a fire resistance point of view, more information here: https://www.woodsolutions.com.au/articles/design-fire. If the adjacent construction utilised reused bridge timbers perhaps that option could be explored again. Most parts of Australia have companies that deal in recycled timber. That is the only way a size of 150 x 150 could be obtained in solid seasoned timber. Failing that, glulam is certainly an option. We weren't sure whether you need one of the seven species classed as 'bushfire resisting', or simply a species with a density of 750kg/m3 or more. Either way, you will find suppliers if you write 'hardwood glulam beams' or similar wording in your browser.

Bushfire resistance

Currently working on a building at Monash university and searching for fire rating reports on Tasmanian Oak.

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Fire test reports can be found on our website here: https://www.woodsolutions.com.au/articles/fire-test-reports. Assuming the required reports relate to wall and ceiling linings, the relevant report is RIR 41117.9. Note that 'Tasmanian oak' is comprised of a group of three different timbers, alpine ash, mountain ash and messmate. The report lists them under their individual names rather than the 'Tasmanian oak' group name.

Tasmanian oak
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