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I am building in a flame zone area and constructing eaves as per as 3959 and want to use timber fascia as noted in the standard, can I use a treated pine fascia in this system?

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AS 3959:2018 includes several options for eaves in Flame Zone areas. One option is "a system conforming with AS 1530.8.2". A data sheet showing a tested system can be found here: As long as your construction complies with the details shown in the data sheet, timber of any species or density can be used for the fascia.

Flame Zone

What is the size needed for Ceiling Joist span of 3.100 using MGP10 timber , the ceiling will be 13mm gyprock with battens at .600 centres .

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Gyprock advises that their 13mm plasterboard weighs 8.5 kg/m2. Adding 3.5 kg/m2 for the ceiling battens gives a load of 12 kg/m2. According to our Timber Solutions software MGP10 ceiling joists need to be 120 x 45 to span 3100 @ 600mm centres with a load of 12 kg/m2. Timber Solutions and other design software can be downloaded from our website here:

Ceiling joists

Have received an email from an architect looking to use a timber cladding profile to a soffit and external walls on a concrete construction commercial building. In light of the issues with the composite cladding materials we have been asked to supply certification for our products. Typically we would look to supply a 130 x 12 - 19 lining or weatherboard, Blackbutt, Spotty, Ironabrk or similar. Is there suitable information we can pass on? Has any specific testing been done for these applications? I have trawled through your multi storey and fire pages but not found anything that specifically relates to this question.

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Timber cladding can be used for Class 2 and 3 buildings of up to 3 storeys. This is explained on our website here: Although the material on our website refers to NCC 2016, the same concession is carried forward to NCC 2019.

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