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Do you have a fire certificate that includes a BCA group numbers & critical radiant flux values for a structural pine 9mm Ply.

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We have the Material Group Number and Average Specific Extinction Area for 9mm radiata pine plywood (see https://www.woodsolutions.com.au/articles/fire-test-reports), but not critical radiant flux or smoke growth rate. However, our understanding is that the BCA only requires a smoke growth rate index not more than 100 OR an average specific extinction area less than 250 m2/kg, not both – refer Specification C1.10 Section 4. If both values are required in a different part of the BCA please advise so we can update our information – we don’t claim to be experts on the BCA.


I am trying to find a design guide or manual for the design and specification of nail laminated timber including:
- reduction factors relating to lamination
- maximum spacing of nails etc.
Do you have any resources that focus on nail lamination?

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If you have access to Australian Standards nail lamination is covered in Section 2.4.5 of AS 1720.1, Timber structures, Part 1: Design Methods. Section 2.4.5 is titled Strength sharing between parallel members. The calculation of the modification factor for strength sharing, k9, is given as equation For nail-laminated members AS 1684.2 Residential timber-framed construction assumes nmem = 1.0 and ncom = number of combined sections in calculating k9. Or to keep it simple just refer to AS 1684.2, Section 2.3 where the recommended nail pattern is shown.


I am searching for the 'fire rating' of American white oak. And am keen to learn if it meets Australian Standards

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FWPA has sponsored fire testing on a range of timbers including American white oak. Note the typographical error – it’s actually Quercus alba, not Quercus abla. This and other fire test reports can be found on our website here: https://www.woodsolutions.com.au/articles/fire-test-reports

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