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Do you have any installation advice on costing for large glulam members?

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The cost of installing large glulam members would be very much specific to the particular job, depending (for example) whether a large crane is needed, whether specially fabricated steel brackets are required to connect secondary members, etc. It's possible that the Glued Laminated Timber Association of Australia (GLTAA) could advise you but we doubt that a generalised figure would be meaningful. The GLTAA has a website here:

Glulam installation

Do F17 LVLs compress under weight?

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Wood may compress under an applied load, depending on the load and the type of wood. Resistance to compression is a function of the compression strength of the particular species of timber. It varies according to whether the load is applied perpendicular or parallel to the grain of the member, ie. whether the member is a beam or a column. This value is sometimes termed "bearing strength". 

Compression strength

I am working on the repair of a flood damaged house in Townsville. The timber joists supporting the floor of the house have bowed significantly (up to 60mm over 5m span) due to differential foundation motion. Can the joists be re-used, or should they be replaced?

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Your question needs some on-site assessment. If the joists are still wet, and still in place, perhaps you can apply weights to straighten them. Timber that dries under load retains its new shape, in this case resuming original straightness. If the joists have been removed from the floor and have dried with a bow it might be possible to re-use them if they are 'crippled' (partially cut). The cut needs to be located centrally over bearers or other supports. Note that the span needs to be checked as crippled joists are classed as simply supported, ie. single span, not continuous. If neither of these strategies are practical the joists may need to be replaced.

Bowed joists
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