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Do you know of any technical guidance available with regards to strengthening timber beams with steel plates? i.e client wants to remove a post supporting a timber beam and the easiest way to strengthen this beam would be to bolt/screw a steel plate to each side of the beam but I am struggling to find any technical guidance on this topic.

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When two different materials are involved the designer is required to convert the composite to a single material by the method of transformed sections. A timber beam with steel plates each side, or with one or more steel plates sandwiched in between, is called a flitch beam. There is a good explanation of the design process in a Youtube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrVdFNEjJU8. It's a job for a consulting engineer who will need to determine the thickness of steel required to provide the extra capacity to carry the new load.

Flitch beam

Which handbook could you recommend to learn CLT connection Design which has examples on how to check the design capacity and give standard connection types?
I wish to learn how to design to Eurocode and Australian standards.

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You can download a design guide to Eurocode 5, published by German fastener company Spax, from their website here: https://www.fixtec.co.za/downloads/SPAX-design-guide.pdf. We will send a guide to Australian Standard 1720 to your email address separately.

Eurocode 5

Thanks for Timber-framed Construction for Townhouse Buildings Class 1a Details - they are awesome. I am doing an extension of 2 old semis with a new section at the rear of the house. The box gutter detail is similar to the detail RD004A however, I am using rafters and not trusses. My engineer has provided a detail but it relies on the ceilings to be fire rated and this provides the fire isolation. I'm not sure this is the best solution and I think I could use a similar detail to RD004A but I'm not sure how to do it. Do you have this detail with a rafter?

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The difficulty in adapting detail RD004A to a raftered roof is how to achieve the required depth for the box gutter. This is easy with trusses because the trusses can be truncated at the box gutter end. We don't have a detail for rafters and one doesn't immediately come to mind. Maybe your engineer's solution is the best way to go.

Class 1A
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