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I can't find a supplier of laminate wood grain 2400 x 1200 approximately 5ml thick sheets used for interior of caravan and annexe in different finishes .

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A thickness of 5mm doesn't seem to be a standard size, but we have located 4mm and 6mm panels available here:

Woodgrain laminate

We are building a single resi project in Maroubra NSW. Our client wants to laminate and mill 4 x 7.2 meter long sections 400 x 100 triangular pieces of Accoya. They are non-structural and external, so they will be exposed to a marine environment. Can you direct us to a manufacturer that can supply, laminate and mill (or cnc) these items?

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We are not aware of a one-stop shop that can supply the Accoya, laminate it, and mill it to a triangular shape. Your client may have to deal with three separate businesses. Suppliers of Accoya, glulam fabricators, and companies offering CNC routing can all be found on the net. We feel you might not be able to find a CNC router, waterjet or laser cutter that can handle 7.2 m lengths, but it's possible the laminating plant can cut a triangular shape by more conventional methods. The relevant companies involved in these activities can advise you further.

CNC routing

I am looking for precise section sizes of your 163 x 30 LOSP double rebated door jamb

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